Idyllic village of Smoljanci in the heart of Istria

Stancija 1904

Our story

The property spreads across 4000 m², and guests have a house and three apartments with a total of 12 beds at their disposal. All accommodation facilities have a 4-star rating, while 2 apartments are adapted for persons with disabilities. The indoor tavern is open only to overnight guests.

Parking lot are fenced off by natural Istrian drystone walls, and the residential house and vacation apartments overlook a cultivated garden with old trees.

The Moll family, owners and hosts at Stancija 1904, will prepare a superb breakfast with local recipes in a typical Istrian tavern by an open fireplace.  Stancija 1904 is open throughout the year. Perfect thermal isolation combined with a powerful central heating system will make your stay comfortable in the autumn/winter months.

Stancija 1904

A place of exquisite cuisine

Stancija 1904 offers meals prepared with ingredients purchased locally from small producers of cheese, fruit, vegetables, olive oil and meat, while the fish is purchased from well-known Rovinj fishermen. Therefore, the tables at Stancija 1904. feature whatever nature offers at that particular time of year. The secret ingredient is love – the owners do work they love and believe in, which has brought them recognition from guests and experts alike.

Stancija 1904

Croatia European Destinations of Excellence

EDEN s tekstom (2)

EDEN In the period from 2007 – 2015 on the themes of rural tourism, intangible heritage, protected regions, aquatic tourism, adaptation of physical locations, accessible tourism and gastronomy, 7 European destinations of excellence were chosen in Croatia and 28 destinations as finalists, in other words 35 destination members of the EDEN network in Croatia.

The winning destination in the national electoral process receives acknowledgment at the European award ceremony organised by the European Commission and at the Days of Croatian Tourism event. Destinations of excellence from the 27 participating countries sign a memorandum of understanding the so-called Declaration on a European Network of Destinations of Excellence for Sustainable Tourism, which obliges them to international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and information about the development of tourism.

Stancija 1904

Eco Domus - certification of Eco friendly accommodation

EcoDomus is a marking programme carried out by the Istrian Region Administrative Department for Tourism with the aim of increasing both social and environmental awareness in tourism. The programme is well in sync with the global sustainability goals and guarantees an overall environs and health safety. Facilities bearing the EcoDomus mark have complied with at least 50 basic criteria within the 12 categories listed below. Read more in the complementary EcoDomus material park found in your facility.    


1904 - The beginning

A stone house (Stancija) was built in 1904 in the village of Smoljanci near the renaissance town of Svetvinčenat.

Renovation - 1999. to 2003.

The property was renovated from 1999 to 2003 under the supervision of a restorer and is surrounded by a garden where 127 species of plants grow.

1999 - tavern

A lovely Istrian tavern, located within the walls of Stancija 1904, is open to all guests staying on the luxury property.

Built in 1904, the private residence and šterna (water tank) represent a prime example of traditional Istrian architecture with updated modern interiors.

Its open fireplace, original stone walls, and antique furniture from a previous century lends itself to a warm and inviting atmosphere.